From May 24 2006 through May 28 2006, my son and I had the opportunity to participate in airborne operations in Slovakia which was organised by Stefan Eicker. The jumps were hosted by elements of the Slovakian, Polish and Ukrainian Airborne forces and jumpers representing Britain, Canada, Germany, Italy and the United States participated.

A total of four jumps were conducted using either the Slovakian OVP-68 or the Polish Cadet high performance round canopies. Qualified jumpers had the opportunity to jump the military square canopy.

On day one, we jumped from the AN-2 biplane at the airfield in Dubnica followed by a jump from the turbo-prop LET 410 the following day. We then drove north to the Ukranian border where we had the opportunity to jump from the MI-8 helicopter. “Wings” were exchanged and the mission was completed.

Support and coordination appeared to be excellent as the operation ran very smoothly and professionally. Sleeping accommodations were comfortable and the food was excellent by any paratrooper’s standards! The camaraderie was as good as it gets and many new friendships were made.

My son and I are very much looking forward to the opportunity to participate in the next operation!

LTC Ben Weiss/ US SF

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