Military parachute training with INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS®



To fit every aspect of military parachuting, INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS® (IAO) has classified military parachuting in 3 Qualifications.

1st Qualification:                
Valid for military parachuting with round-canopy systems by autmatically opening. Additional options are jumps with equipment, jumps during night, water-jumps and jumps in unknown territory.

Most participants of IAO have absolved the national parachute basic training for round-canopy systems with automatically openings for instance of US Airborne School in Fort Benning. This is our first and basic qualification. Members who haven't joined the course at their national Airborne School, we fit for military parachuting by our Basic Airborne Courses.

Meanwhile IAO runs annual Basic Airborne Courses on 3 continents:

- In Europe as European Basic Airborne Courses
- in 
USA as American Basic Airborne Courses
- in Asia 
as Asian Basic Airborne Courses

2nd Qualification:                 
Valid for jumps in military stile with Ram-Air parachute systems by autmatically opening. Several Armies of different nations (mostly smaller countries) are not using round-canopy systems and let their jumper use Ram-Air parachutes with automatically opening by static-line. Therefore we offer also courses to qualify for the 2nd qualification.

For both static-line-qualifications the student is provided with a military parachute basic training of high quality standard. In use are round-canopy or Ram-Air parachute systems with automatically opening.

3rd Qualification:                  
Valid for jumps in freefall stile with Ram-Air parachute systems with proved licence as FAI or USP levels.

Mostly the Special Forces and other special skilled units like Anti-Terror units use freefall-parachute systems, to deploy their troops in the critical area. To achieve this qualification, IAO run AFF courses to fulfil this qualification. After completing the AFF freefall course, jumpers may be trained in HAHO and HALO training to follow the military freefall aspects. 

We run an annual Military Freefall Course in Europe once a year but can run courses on demand as off 4 participants,

Military parachuting around the world:

After participation in the courses and in reference to his qualification, the military parachutist can take part in every other jump activity of IAO around the world.

Optimum of Qualifications:

At present around 80% of the Airborne units around the world jump by static-line with round canopy systems. Nevertheless Freefall aspects are becoming more and more interesting and are used by most Special Forces Units already. Therefore the optimum of qualification should be a mixture between 1st and 3rd qualification.

Military Airborne training

INTERNATIONAL AIBORNE OPERATIONS® is aware that many soldiers, whilst wishing so, do not have a chance to receive formal Airborne training provided by national Parachute Training Schools during their service. In spite of this, following their retirement – or being in the reserve list – they are still interested to be trained in military parachuting.

To bridge this gap and satisfy their noble desire, IAO offers a unique opportunity to absolute beginners to attend basic military parachute training in order to be able to join airborne operations. 

To this end, military parachute basic training of high quality standard is provided to novices.  Airborne Training is carried out by experienced military instructors. The whole array of related aspects is fully covered with emphasis on the use of the parachute rig, overall safety and parachute landing falls (PLF’s).  

Parachute jumps are conducted with the use of static line military systems (i.e. automatic opening) from the host unit’s jump ship. The jumps (with the option of one jump with combat equipment) qualify the participant as a military parachutist and enable him/her to participate in airborne operations worldwide.

Basic airborne training courses are culminated with the award of the coveted national Parachute Wings of the host unit including an official certificate.

Besides to the military basic military parachute courses (i.e. automatic opening) IAO provides freefall courses (i.e. manual opening) in the future. Those freefall courses are conducted in the AFF (accelerated freefall) procedure by highly qualified instructors with much military experience.

Interested civilians may also participate in the IAO basic Airborne training courses in limited numbers. 

Overview to Airborne Basic Courses:

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