Training and Operations are executed by

Training and Operations are executed by National military Parachute Training Schools as well as Airborne and Special Forces units. Professional instructors lead the training lessons and advice and support the participant.

Cultural program and sight-seeing program

Besides the military parts the participants enjoys cultural sides and sights-seeing of the host nations.


Active, reserve and retired personnel of Airborne and Special Forces Units from all over the world join regularly INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS®. During the operations personal contacts and friendship with the personnel of the host units and the fellow participants are cultivated. An exchange of mutual experience is also encouraged. There is no other military branch, which lives in such a comradeship and fellowship climate as are the Airborne and Special Forces Units worldwide. This great fellowship is absolute unique being known as "The Airborne Brotherhood". INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS® offers the right place and terms to experience the above. Novice parachutists, who have passed the Airborne training are welcome in this fraternity.

Qualifications awarded

After the successful completion of training and operations, the participant is awarded the national relevant badge with an original certificate.

Wings award of the jumper's own nation

During our Airborne courses and operations we cannot award to the participant the national wings of his parent country. This is only possible at the jumper's own national Airborne School. For instance, if you are US citicen, you cannot be awarded with US Airborne wings during our events but you must pass the Airborne course of your national Airborne School in Ft. Benning.


Accompanying people like wives, girlfriends or photographers are always welcome in limited numbers to join the operation by reduced prices. In most operations they receive a special program. The military participant undergoes his training program while ladies enjoy shopping, relaxing or more sight-seeing.