Sir. I would like to express my appreciation for your continuing
effort to provide excellent training to all personnel involved in
Operation Toy Drop 2015, specifically to me and my colleges. Your
online services are user friendly and requirements are clearly
articulated throughout the process, furthermore your organizational
and network capabilities are impressive and commendable. The
equipment, training, life support and administrative actions provided
to personnel; attending your Airborne Operations proved extraordinary.
The fact that all participants can rely on both you, your ground staff
and your jumpmasters' rigorous safety checks, organization of the drop
and the drop-zone make there events well worth the effort to attend.
Additionally, the structure of your jumps and adherence to safety
makes every jump worthwhile. The ability shown providing international
jumpmasters to your events makes these jumps worthwhile for all
participants. Finally it should be mentioned that I admire your work
to integrate both active and retired Soldiers and Veterans in social
setting. It shows your dedication to making there events memorable for
all participants.

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