Thank you for the invitation for me to attend the freefall course in the Czech Republic last summer.
The course stands out due to its professional staff, comprehensive training, well-maintained equipment, and accommodating facilities.
I appreciate the well planned training syllabus that helped me rapidly achieve an elevated training standard. A plan that successfully incorporates 28 jumps over a three week period into challenging landing zones is a testament to your professional staff and excellent syllabus. Every person, from takeoff to drop zone, remained focus on the efficient execution of the mission and helped us all achieve results that we previously thought out of reach in such a short amount of time.

The training facilities permitted flexibility to advance in the syllabus and achieve standards even in the worst of weather conditions. Incorporation of the wind tunnel in our training proved an extremely efficient and useful tool in training, especially on the days that the weather precluded actual jumps.

All of us improved from a basic, routine ability in free fall jumps to precise, highly advanced parachuting capabilities. This is due to the combination of proficient staff, technical focus and infrastructure. Your ability to provide supplemental equipment required for training proved instrumental in developing our competence and confidence.

Thank you for the comradery, the relaxed social events, the opportunity to meet other interesting warriors, and the excellent training. We look forward to the opportunity to train and work with you again in the future.

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