INTERNATIONAL AIRBORNE OPERATIONS® joined with 10 participants from 4 nations (USA, Brazil, Italy and Germany) this operation. The course was attended by jumpers of several other organizations. We all enjoyed the great fellowship
between the brothers in arms. The weather in Florida was very friendly to us.

Well prepared the National Parachute Test Centre ran its first basic course on round canopy parachutes the first 2 days. A well done balance in between theory and praxis got the novices in parachuting ready for their first jump from the Cessna 180 on Tuesday afternoon. On Wednesday we did several more lifts with the Cessna to get ready jumping the C-47 Tico Belle on Thursday. From Thursday through Sunday we participated in the Jump into History by enjoying the jumps from the Tico Belle several times. Italian and Royal Laotian wings were awarded to the jumpers.

Pictures of Operation Screaming Eagle 2011 you please find here:

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