By Michael Wurm, LTC (Reserve), Germany:

Caution, airborne activities are not recommended due to being addictive!
„He’s nuts“... „that guy’s lost contact to earth“; these were probably the innocuous remonstrations received from my family and my friends when I signed up for an airborne activity with International Airborne Operations 35 years past my last round-canopy jump out of a C-160 at the active service.
Despite all skepticism, if this would really be the right choice, I arrived at the Westerwald drop zone site in Ailertchen, full of excitement and expectation on July 6th, 2011 to participate at International Airborne Operations Special Operation 2011. The multinational group of participants was comprised of numerous comrades on active duty and army reserve from Brazil, Germany, Italy, France, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden and the USA, which all had the common interest of military paratroop activities. Within these interested and highly motivated comrades even I felt well and safe guarded being a late re-entry for jump activities.

In addition training and practice was provided highly professional by a jumpmaster and Instructor of the Serbian Airborne Troops. Even if it did not feel quite like being at the German Airborne School in Altenstadt, the training was highly professional and always with the necessary care for all participants.

Jump activities took place despite some incidents within the given time period and there was always sufficient time for maintaining and developing comradeship with the Airborne trained fellows.
The event has contributed much to me and also shown that at any time it is important to question and actively overcome own limits. But one thing I had not expected, that such an event is so highly addictive and will create the desire for more, once you are grounded again and that I now desperately want to execute my next jump activity. Hence I can only say that you are well taken care of with the comrades of International Airborne Operations and the jumpmasters of the event. So go ahead and do it!

Airborne Airborne Comrades!

By Duane Linford, CPT, Canada:


I would like to thank you for the great time I had while in Germany
taking part in the Special Operations 2011 jump week.

Everything was very well organized, and on time. Your staff are very
knowledgeable and friendly to work with. I know from speaking with other
group members that they too had a great time and look forward to jumping
again under your leadership.

As for my own jumps with the Jm's from Serbia, Croatia, the US Army's
173 ABCT and the US Navy Seals each one was a true learning experience.
You always write that these events are a true exchange of Airborne
experience and they really are. Learning from the worlds best and the
more experienced jumpers on the course have taken my personal knowledge
to all new levels.

Thanks again for everything and I look forward to jumping again with you
in October in Florida.

Duane Linford

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