Monday we started with the training of the Abn School of Peru which is part of the 1st SF Bde.

In the morning of Tuesday we did a boat-trip to the Paracas Islands with its fantastic fauna and did 2 jumps from AN-32 Clint by S/L in the desert by Pisco, there from 1 during sunset.

On Wednesday 1 more jump from AN-32 Clint by freefall or S/L in reference to the jumper’s qualification.

On Thursday we visited the Inca site Pachacamac and did finally the water-jump from helicopter MI-17 together with the Recon Bn of the Marine Infantry in the Pacific training bay of this great unit in the afternoon. Thursday evening we were awarded with the Peruvian wings in different levels during a great ceremony.

During the weekend we were chilling and sight-seeing Lima before several participants departed to Cuzco and Macchupicho or returned home.

Viva el Peru!

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