"A new mission for the section Anpdi of Faenza. This time in the east in two countries that in the seventies they have been to the centre of the world attention.
Thailand under the influence of the United States and Cambodia devasted by the war and fall in a catastrophe with the regime of Pol Pot.
We were four people and we departed from Faenza with the usual enthusiasm to represent well our country.
Reached the airport of Bangkok we met our dear friend Stefan accompanied by parachutist from other countries. We immediately were brothers because the parachutism doesn't have frontiers.
We departed from Phnom Phen happy to fly towards a new mission all together.
In Cambodia we effected two jumps from the MI 17, a solid helicopter build in Russia. Experience has been very exciting for all of us. So many people with beautiful children attended our arrival from the sky. Unfortunately an accident interrupts the mission for Silvia. However she was happy because she was the first italian girl to earn the cambodian military brevet. All the friends hocked him to help Silvia to return in country. Thanks to all of them have been easier.
Also in Thailand the group gets beautiful satisfactions.
The jumps were effected by the C130 together with Thai parachutists. The hospitality of the Command of the Thailand Airborne was wonderful. The wing was delivered us during a nice party.
The last day we have tried the pleasure of a beautiful bath with recon of the Thai marines. A true fun!
An unforgettable experience.
Thanks to all the friends and particularly to Stefan that has organized such a complex mission.
Marco e Gianni"

„Operation Asia 2006“ was a complete success!


On Sunday morning, February 26th 2006 we met at Bangkok Airport to enter another world (for us Western influenced people). Cultural, human and military aspects must have been alived in this other Buddhist World of South-East-Asia, to really understand it.
The common flight to Phnom Penh was done without delays. Already at Phnom Penh Airport our delegation was welcomed by our friends of SF 911 Brigade with a big Hello. After check in hotel we had a delicious dinner at the river Mekong.

In the next early morning we were driven to a new huge DZ and welcomed and briefed by the commanding General in person. After 2 jumps out of the helicopter Mi-17 watched by 100s of spectator, in the Camp on the shooting range 2 machine-guns, AK-47 and Pistols were waiting for us ready to shoot. As well the rappelling tower was taken again by assault from above and below. We were delighted to see how the experiences and skills of our host unit have been improved since our first visit in 2003. Within a solemn ceremony the Cambodian Airborne wings in Static-line and Freefall level were awarded to us. Crowned conclusion was the unique in Cambodia celebrated prop-blast party with sucking pig, traditional dishes and live music and plenty of alcohol.

Sight-seeing in Cambodian capital Phnom Penh was program for the next day. We watched the shining King-Palace on one side and were shocked again by the notorious prison S-21 of Pol-Pot and the depressing „Killing- Fields“ on the other hand-side, which really cannot give more contrast. In the evening we flow back to Bangkok to be ready for the next day’s actions in Thailand.


With a C-130 of the Royal Thai Air Force we flow from Bangkok Airport to an airbase at Lop Buri in the early morning of March, 1st 2006. We were scheduled to jump with the annual Officers Cadet Course of the Air Force. Once there arrived we were briefed by the experienced and most professional jumpmaster of the Airborne School of the Royal Thai Air Force. We got in gear and did 2 perfect jumps out of C-130 onto one of the beautiful and huge DZs at Lop Buri. The great enthusiasm and national pride of the Cadet Course, expressed by singing Thai Airborne songs and strong repeating of the Thai commands jumped over also to the most hardened jumper of our group. Besides the jumpmasters of our Thai Air Force host unit again a LTC and jumpmaster of the famous Royal Thai Patrol Border Police PARU joined us. During the second jump a jumpmaster of the Marine Corps of Taiwan stood in the door and dispatched us, while giving the commands in Mandarin. Because also on Taiwan is US made equipment (C-130 jump-ships and Mc-1 parachutes) in use, authentically wings were authorized. After the flight back to Bangkok the “Bangkok by Night program” started.

During the next day we visited Bangkok’s most interesting places: We enjoyed the Wat-Pra-Kheo (Thailand’s most holy temple), the amazing King-Palace, rode with a flat and fast boat through the tight channels of Ton- Buri and admired for the courage of the Thai artists, who play with the most poisonous snakes like pets. A boat-tour on the river Chao Praya including best Thai dishes, traditional music, dances and Muy Thai and sword-fights accomplished a perfect day.

On Friday morning we visited the Royal Thai Air Force Museum at Don Muang Airport leaded by a special guidance. Very interesting for us were the old planes. Many of them are the last exemplars in the world. At lunch-time the wings-awarding ceremony took place. Within a seldom scope in the Royal Thai Air Force Security Centre a 2-Star-General of the Thai Air Force awarded to us the Royal Thai Air Force and Police Airborne and Freefall Wings, while the leader of Taiwanese delegation (CPT) proudly awarded to the senior officers and NCOs and to the participants of the foreign delegation the Taiwanese Airborne Wings. The ceremony was followed by a great prop-blast party with a modern live-band.

Additional to the planned program, we had the honour to join a dive-training with a special Recon unit of the Royal Thai Marine Corps at its naval base in Sattahip. The professional dive instructors showed us the amazing under-water-world of the Gulf of Thailand. After the dive a diving-certificate of the RT MC Unit were issued to every participant and our friend from the Taiwanese MC awarded to everybody the ROC Navy Commando / UDT Badge in recognition of the jump and dive . A typical Thai beach-party including fresh fish and king-prawns and a “bit alcohol” accomplished this event. On the way return to Bangkok we were not able to “avoid” a ride on an elephant.

On Sunday midday, after most of the participants have left Thailand, we visited with 2 later departing fellows Ayutthaya, the former capital of Thailand which was destroyed by the Army of Birma 200 years ago. Ayutthaya still impresses its visitors due to imposing and beautiful ruins and its special charisma. In the afternoon our last participants departed home and “Operation Asia 2006” was accomplished.

All participating fellows were enthusiastically praising the culture, country-sides, the hospitality and professionalism of the host units and nations. We will see us again in Asia next year!

Airborne all the Way on South East Asia!


Stefan Eicker

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